Quality and environmental management for marine and manufacturing businesses

We work with our clients to understand their individual needs and provide the support they require. Typically, this begins with compliance with a Standard - typically ISO9001 and ISO14001 but this could also be health and safety, medical devices or energy and carbon management systems.

Our fundamental belief that management systems should work for the business, we use the framework to continually improve business performance. We do this with face to face meeting as well as virtual meetings, which saves time, carbon emissions and cost.

Our approach enables us to provide a cost-effective service for clients whatever their location - examples include:

  • Delta Meco Crewing Services, based in Spain whose services include cadet training, including monitoring of their well-being and progress ashore and at sea.

  • GTT training based in UK and France providing simulator training for LNG cargo operations

  • Powerplate based in UK and USA providing ISO13485 support for their whole-body vibration technology

During the pandemic lockdown, this ability to work remotely has been invaluable to continue to support clients during external audits and ongoing management system support.

Manufacturing clients include sheet metal fabrication, and a precision engineering company specialising in all aspects of castings, CNC machining, CNC Tool Making, assembly and associated processes.

Supply chain audits have included sub-contractor factory visits, and compliance audits of waste.

We are keen to help our clients build a stronger more resilient business as they continue to develop and emerge from this current economic challenges with management systems that deliver across all their needs integrating across quality, environmental, carbon and energy.

Contact us for an informal chat on info@earth2ocean.co.uk

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