Re-emerge ready for the climate challenge

There has been much debate about how we re-emerge from the current pandemic. The threats of climate change are still very real and the immediate impact we can have on air quality and our health is clear to see.

Getting your business ready for the climate challenge is not only part of your business risk management, but, depending on your size, it is also a compliance issue - where you must report on your carbon emissions under the new SECR - Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting requirements.

As of April 2019, the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) replaced the Carbon Reduction Commitment CRC - Energy Efficiency Scheme. The aim of the new SECR scheme is to ensure that companies are collating and reviewing basic data relating to energy use and resulting carbon emissions and reporting it annually in a simplified format and are required to report for their financial year ending in 2020.

SECR applies to the following companies:

  1. Quoted companies

  2. UK Registered, unquoted companies who meet at least two of the following three criteria in a reporting year;

  3. At least 250 Employees

  4. Annual turnover of more than £36m

  5. Balance sheet value greater than £18m

  6. Large Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) which are obligated to carry out ESOS

What must be reported and where?

While the requirements differ slightly between each of the above definitions, minimum reporting is primarily scope 1 and 2 emissions, energy use and a chosen emissions intensity ratio relevant to the company for the current and previous reporting periods. Some scope 3 emissions may be required in addition to an informative energy efficiency action statement. The SECR report should form a new section within the annual director’s report.

There is no prescribed process or reporting format, your SECR report should be prepared in line with a widely recognised independent standard such as the GHG Reporting Protocol, ISO or GRI.

What’s the best approach?

SECR is an annual report so could be created in isolation to ensure minimum compliance, however, it is far more beneficial and time efficient to include the required SECR outputs as part of an overall Energy Management System, such as ISO 50001. The use of a recognised energy management or reporting scheme will ensure your methodology is SECR compliant, and in addition, certification to the ISO 50001 standard means that you will be considered to have met the ESOS obligations.

How do I get started?

Earth to Ocean are happy to discuss the needs of your company and tailor an approach to suit you. Contact us at or call +44 7803 502577.

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