Thoughts on the global climate strike

The climate strikes taking place around the world today show the global significance of the changing climate, and how all governments are being urged to take urgent and positive action to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

The impacts of climate change, as has been said many times before, are huge and are already impacting the quality of all nationalities lives. As Greta Thunberg keeps saying, our house is burning, yet our politicians are ignoring this. Our ‘house’ is more than our individual dwellings, it is our food systems on land and in the oceans, it is the melting ice-caps and rising sea levels swallowing land used for housing and agriculture.

Here in the UK, we have spent the last three years discussing Brexit, which in Greta language is like watching your house burn whilst discussing who should maintain the leylandii border between neighbours. When our house is burning, we need to be working with our neighbours to put out the fire and prevent is happening to next one down the street.

Other countries (Australia, Poland) are still trying to build coal fired power stations. The US and China are arguing over tariffs. If we all stopped buying crude oil, maybe that would take the heat out of the Middle East crisis.

The impacts of climate change have been known a long time; our politicians were clearly informed by the 700 page Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change in 2006. Yet we are all at best tinkering around the edges of this massive problem, or burying our heads in the sand, or worst of all denying it is happening.

Politicians in the UK, and all of us who are able to vote for them, should concentrate on the house being on fire, and work with all our neighbours to resolve this crisis, and worry about who owns and maintains leylandii once we have addressed the single most compelling issue in our lifetime. If we want to make Britain great again, lets step up and lead the charge.

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